Lord Shiva temple Shri Pandan is situated in Shri Pandan Village Which is 10km away from the Kamahi Devi and 5Km away from Talwara Town. This temple is 5000 years old and related to important life event Pandava  during Agayatvas..

History of Lord Shiva temple Shri Pandan

As per old stories this temple is built by Pandvas , 5000 years ago during Agyatvas. During Agyatvas the Pandav hide them-self in forest area in day light and move in night. When they were not able to find the water anywhere then Pandvas Worship the Load Shiva and then start digging the well and during one night they dig the well.

How to reach Shri Pandan?

  • Dasuya Railway station , 35 km away from this Temple
  • Mukerian Railway Station 30 km  away from this Temple
  • 10 km away from Kamahi Devi
  • 5 Km Away from Talwar

The nearest airport Chandigarh. 200km away from Dasuya.

Key Attraction


MAHA SHIVRATRI is the main Festival. Thousand of Peoples near by villages celebrate Maha Shivratri .