Bathu temple

Bathu temple a historical temple build by Pandavs also famous by name “Bathu ki ladi”. This temple is located at Pong Dam Talwara. This temple is almost invisible during high water level in Pong Dam. In summer when level of water in Pong Dam is down then it is visible. When water level raise 40 feet’s  from the temple base point then it submerge in water.

How to reach Bathu Temple?

  • Dhameta well connected by Road From Talwara (22km)
  • 56 km from Pathankot via Jassur.
  • Nearest Railway station is Mukerian 56 km away from this Temple
  • Nearest Railway station is Dasuya. Which is 62 km away from this Temple
  • Nearest airport is Chandigarh(230km) away from Dhameta ,Kangra HP.
  • Bathu Temples approachable by boat also from Dhameta and  Nagrota Surian.

Key Attraction

  • Historical Temple Built by Pandvas.
  • Temple submerge in water.
  • Beautiful Scenery of Lake view.
  • Great Ancient Architect.
  • Bathu Stone best Architect.
  • Great Place to Visit.
  • Also famous by name Hide and seek Temple.