Wel Come at Kamakshi Devi Temple
Place of Silence and Serenity!


Kamakshi Devi temple is one of the “Shakti peeth” among the 108 Shakti Peeth’s present on the earth.

Kamakshi Devi temple is one of the “Shakti peeth” among the 108 Shakti Peeth’s present on the earth. Maa Kamakshi Devi temple is placed in the lap of Shivalik hills of Dasuya Forest region of Punjab. There is an old temple of Lord Shiva in the premises of the Kamakshi Devi Temple where Yudhishtra had performed Tapasya before going to Virat Nagar. There is a “Pavitra Sarovar” on the left side of the temple. Kamakshi Devi temple also known as Kamahi Devi these day.

History of the Kamahi Devi temple:

As per Hindu religion history the Kandi area of Distt Hoshiarpur of Punjab is having the great historical importance with evidences, which are related to the important life events of Pandvas. Pandvas had spent the last year of their Vanvas so called Agyatvas in this area.

As per old stories during the Agyastvas of Pandvas enter in the low laying area of the Kandi Area the byass river flowing with heavy current and Pandvas was not able to cross the river. In order to cross the river Pandvas has invocation the Maa Hadimba Devi to help him.

On the request of Pandvas when Maa Hadimba Devi come to light. Maa Place his feet on the top of the Hill area. Maa Hadimba Devi Open her eyes and burn everything which come in front of her eye sight. So the Kandi area is cursed by Maa Hadimva Devi, that is why there is no natural water resource above the earth which commonly flow in hill area. Like water fall , automatic Water flow from earth ‘Suya’ etc.

When Pandvas were wondering in the forest areas and they were not able to found the water anywhere. Yudhishtra had performed worship of Lord Shiva and Lord Shiva come to light and suggest him to Worship the Maa Kamakshi Devi. Kamakshi Devi Goddess has water in his feet. Yudhishtra invocation the Maa Kamakshi Devi and Pandvas was able to end their thirstiness.

From that Day a continuously water is flowing from the feet of Maa Kamakshi Devi and store in holy Srover which was used by Water Supply and Sanitation department Of Punjab for water supply to the near by villages.

Best Time To Visit Kamakshi Devi


There is no particular time restriction to visit the Maa Kamahi Devi temple. Pilgrim’s can visit any time during the whole year. As per author the best time to visit Kamahi Devi is during the Navratri. Pilgrim’s also can plan their Summer vacation to get some relief from the hot sun.